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the gesture is essentially always a gesture of not being able to figure something out in language.” (Giorgio Agamben ‘Notes on Gesture’)

Polly’s recent work focuses on gesture - the trace of a gesture made through the movement of the body. Using a range of customised mark making tools Polly generates a visual language that is often sensual, playful or striking.

What cannot be expressed is of equal interest as what can be. Gaps, wiping out, erasure, trace elements communicate this absence.

She often works on a series of paintings or prints, playing with how they inter-relate.

Polly collaborates with artists from other disciplines- sound artists; musicians; dancers and is interested in the potential to communicate between a visual language and that of sound or of the body.

There is an element of performance in her paintings. She plays with her ambivalence between the need to communicate and the need to be seen: a transition from painting a subject to becoming the subject. This is manifest further through performing in front of the camera.

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